What is SSO or SSL and do you really need it?

What is SSO or SSL and do you really need it?

Greetings!  As the summer comes to a close, I begin to reflect on the year going by, as I am this morning.  One of the things that has become an ever popular subject is the debate over if you ‘need’ and SSO or SSL.  What is an SSO or SSL you ask…

In simple terms an SSO or SSL is a more secure website, intended for websites who take personal information such as websites who sell things and take payments or social media sites with login options etc… A typical website will look something like this: http://www.website.com – a website secured with an SSO or SSL will look something like this: https://www.website.com

Now here is something to dive a bit deeper into the https:// illusion of security.  A website can reflect https:// but not be truly secure because there is mismatched data, or the SSO/SSL certificate wasn’t installed and coded properly.  When Visibly Online decides to put an SSO/SSL certificate on websites, we always make sure the certificate was coded properly.  There are a multitude of tests we do to make sure the certificate isn’t just an illusion of security, but the easiest way for you to look at your website and look it to go to Google Chrome.  If you see a padlock icon, your most likely good; if you see a circle icon with an “i” in the middle of it your website is not fully secured, even if you see httpS://– crazy huh?  I see it all the time as a web developer.

Do You Really Need A SSO or SSL?

My answer is usually a straight, NO.

There are some variations to my answer; let me explain.

  1. If you have an e-commerce website, or a website that requires any personal information– YES, most definitely.
  2. Since Google Chrome shows that circle icon with the “i” in the middle of it, and after hovering over it, the words “this website is not secure” populates… I have been offering SSO/SSL certificates on many websites, for this reason alone– even when they don’t take payments or personal information.
  3. I also now offer SSO/SSL certificates on all websites I develop as I see this as being a part of the algorithm on how your website gets ranked.
  4. Really, it’s a choice… I give you your options, and educate you on what is available– you ultimately are the one who will decide.

SSO/SSL certificates on non e-commerce websites are like locking your door in the safest neighborhood.

I say, they are not needed on most websites, but for a few dollars– it is worth the added security.



Tyra Wade
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