Tips on how to read more books

Tips on how to read more books

If one of your goals for the new year happens to be reading more books, here is a list of things to help you get started.

Read before you fall asleep – Put your phone down and grab a book. Not only will you spend more time with your nose in books, but you’ll sleep better too. 

Try reading in the morning – Pick up a book instead of your social media when you first wake up. Start your day with quiet reading time instead of sensory overload. 

Always have a book on deck – Keep a book with you all the time. Toss one if your bag or keep one at your desk. Giving yourself more opportunities to read by always having one will help you reach your reading goals. 

Embrace audio books – Not everyone counts audiobooks as real books, but if it makes it easier and you want to count them, then go for it. There are all kinds of audiobook subscriptions, so choose whatever platform works best for you. 

Change your TV time to reading time – instead of losing yourself in trash TV for the evening (No hate, everyone needs that mindless entertainment sometimes), pick up a book and lose yourself in your imagination for an hour before turning that TV on. 

Download a reading app – Reading apps are available for all smart devices, so if you find yourself without a book or forgetting your book try a reading app. Reading apps can be viewed on tablets, computers, and phones, so it’s possible to always have a book with you. 

Explore different genres – Many people don’t think they like reading, and it ends up being that they just haven’t found the right Genre to read. Whatever kinds of movies or tv shows you like to watch, there are the same options in books. Try a few and read lots of different things. If reading starts to feel boring, try switching up the genre of books you lean towards.