The importance of having a website over just social media pages

The importance of having a website over just social media pages

Social media has some great benefits, one being that it’s usually free unless you advertise. However, there are some wonderful benefits of having a website, not just social media pages. 

  • A website looks more professional- Anyone can have social media. Still, it takes time and a little money to create a website. Coming across as legit and professional to your customers is super important when it’s time for your customers to choose who they want to spend their money with. 
  • A website is run by you (or someone you choose)- As much as we want to think that social media will be around forever and everything we put on there is safe, that is simply not the case. Unless you are doing something yourself, there is no guarantee it will be there. You are also responsible for how things go when you run your website. Social media platforms like to change the way they do things too often.  
  • SEO ranking – With a website, you have more power to get your website to rank in a google search than a social media page. Social media is more set up to be visible to the user on the platform, not to come up in a google search unless the search is specifically asks for a social media page. You can easily optimize pages, blogs, and contact information on your website.” 

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