The 3 most important things you need on your website.

The 3 most important things you need on your website.

Let’s talk about the three most important things you need to include on your website. 

  1. The location of your business. 

Even if your business isn’t only for local customers, having a location front and center on your website is still very important. Customers need to know where you are located to help them decide if your business is the right fit for them. Even in a business where you don’t need to be local, someone may be looking for a local business to them, for whatever reason, and having your location front and center will let them know right away. 

  1. Lots of photos and examples.

Just about any kind of business can benefit from having lots of images on their website. Whether you are selling a service or a tangible product, photos are important. Photos for service-providing businesses could be before and after photos, photos on the job, and even photos of your employees to show they are real people. Photos of product-based businesses should have lots of photos of the products staged and in use. 

  1. Contact information.

A customer should never have to look very hard to find your contact information. The whole idea behind having a website is to get customers to you, so once they find you make sure they can contact you. Contact information can include the business phone number, email address, and physical address if you have a physical business people can walk into. 

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