National Hot Cocoa Day ;Fun facts about Hot Cocoa

National Hot Cocoa Day ;Fun facts about Hot Cocoa

December 13th is National Hot Cocoa Day here are some fun facts you maybe didn’t know.

  • It’s thought to have been created around 500 BC in Mexico by the Mayans. The Mayans would have cocoa beans with water and chilies and drink them for health benefits.
  • It wasn’t always hot or sweet. Mayans and Aztecs would grind beans down and mix them with water and chilies to drink. The Spanish are credited with adding sugar and spices like Cinnamon. 

  • It was believed to have medicinal properties. In the 1800’s  cocoa was recommended for nerve calming, and as a stimulant to relieve stomach issues like constipation.
  • Thomas Jefferson was a big fan. Thomas Jefferson once thought that Hot Chocolate would surpass coffee and tea as the favorite drink of Americans. 
  • Hot Cocoa and Hot Chocolate are different. Hot chocolate is made from melting chocolate and adding a warm liquid like water, milk, or cream to make it a drink. Hot cocoa is made from a powdered base of cocoa, sugar, and flavorings.