Free vs. Custom domains for your business.

Free vs. Custom domains for your business.

I am sure by now we all know how important it is to have a website for your business. A website is the first thing people see that represents you and your work, so let’s talk about different types of domain names. 

When you sign up for a website, whatever the website that you choose, you will usually be given a choice of creating a free domain or purchasing a custom domain. Let’s talk about some differences between those two types of domains. 

A free domain through your website host is usually a domain name that includes the name of the host website. For example, here at Visibly Online, we choose to host our websites through WordPress. If we were to not buy a custom domain, instead of our web address being, it would be something like

Why is it important to have a custom domain over a free one? As you can see, it shortens the length of the web address greatly, but there are other perks besides that. A custom web address is more professional and can make your business look more credible. It can also help brand your business/website and keep everything cohesive. When people go to find you, you want everything to match, and a custom domain is a great way to do that. 

One more thing a custom domain can do for you is to allow you to have a professional email address. When you purchase a domain, you can sign up for an email account with your domain as the address. For example, if you purchase a domain for your cupcake business, you can choose to use your name and business in your email. sounds much more professional than It’s just one of those things that adds polish to your business. Custom domains are not as pricy as you would think, we say give it a try and make it custom.