3 mistakes you may be making on your social media.

3 mistakes you may be making on your social media.

  • Focusing on quantity over quality.  Not all posts are created equal. Posting 10 posts just to post isn’t the same as posting 1 or 2 really well-thought-out posts. Spend more time on your posts instead of cranking out lots of posts that don’t matter. 

  • Posting the same content on all platforms. You might think that sharing the same post across all your social media accounts will save you time, and it probably would, but not all platforms perform the same way and have the same audience. You should always tailor your posts to the platform you are posting on. There are different demographics on different platforms to keep in mind. Instagram, in our opinion, can be a little more casual than a Facebook business page. Keep these things in mind when you create posts for different platforms. 
  • Being too personal. Social media is a very personal place most of the time, but when it comes to your business you should make sure to keep things a little more on the professional side. Keeping things like politics, religion, and strong opinions off your business pages and profiles will always benefit you in the long run. If there is something your business strongly stands for, and you are ok with people not using your business because of those views then share away, just be aware that in the world we live in today strong feelings about certain topics can lose you, customers.

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